How does the lady with the dog end?

In the end, Von Diderits sends Anna a letter urging her return, and she leaves Dmitri with something like relief. When parting with Dmitri, Anna states, “It’s a good thing I am going away … It’s fate itself!”

What is the climax of the Lady with the Pet Dog?

Returning to Moscow, he expects to forget her–more or less–in a month. Now midway in “The Lady with the Pet Dog” comes the quiet climax of the story. This quintessentially Chekhovian moment is so private and internal that it is easy to miss the first time one reads the story.

How does Anna react after she and Gurov sleep together?

Gurov ruminates on the different reactions different women have to sex, and compares Anna to the others. After they sleep together, when she laments her new status as a fallen woman, Gurov quickly grows bored. He takes her to Oreanda, where they hang out until dawn.

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What is the conflict in the lady with the dog?

There were multiple internal conflicts in “The Lady With the Pet Dog” that the two main characters faced. Gurov believes that women are the “inferior race” because the women that he usually slept with all had husbands because that it what he got the most pleasure out of.

What is the main idea of the lady with the dog?

Lesson Summary

Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Lady with the Dog’ focuses on Dmitri and Anna as they struggle with the difficulties of deception – the story’s primary theme – to cover their crime of infidelity.

Why did Chekhov write the lady with the dog?

The story was written in Yalta, where Chekhov had moved on his doctor’s advice to take advantage of the warmer climate owing to his advancing tuberculosis. It was first published in the December 1899 issue of the magazine Russkaya Mysl (Russian Thought) with the subtitle “A Story” (“Rasskaz”).

What is Chekhov’s understanding of an adulterous relationship in the Lady with the Pet Dog?

In “The Lady with the Pet Dog,” Chekhov neither romanticizes nor condemns the illicit love affair between Gurov and Anna. He simply presents it, but with such clarity and perception that the reader recognizes the profundity of what the characters experience and is entirely persuaded by their reality.

How does Gurov feel about his wife in the lady with the dog?

Gurov’s Wife has been married to Gurov for over ten years at the start of the story and had three children with him, but she does not come with him to Yalta. … While she considers herself to be very intellectual, Gurov thinks now that she’s rather affected, unintelligent, and lacks any real feeling.

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How does Gurov change after leaving Anna?

How does Gurov change after leaving Anna? The change that takes place in Gurov is due to the fact that, without realizing it at first, he has fallen in love with Anna. Unlike all the other women he has spent time with and then left, he cannot forget Anna. He thinks of her constantly.

Where does Anna live in the lady with the dog?

We know immediately that she is a lady, married, bored, and modest. While chatting with Gurov, Anna reveals some of her background. She was raised in Petersburg and now lives in “S.” with her husband.

What are the literary devices used in the lady with the dog?

A couple examples of literary devices utilized include symbolism (the fence confines Anna, just as her marriage does) and allusion (to The Geisha, which is significant because this opera is about an engaged man who falls in love with another woman, mirroring the plot in “The Lady with the Little Dog”).