Quick Answer: Do you need a license to breed dogs UK?

Contact your local council to apply for a licence to breed dogs in England. You need this licence if you: run a business that breeds and advertises dogs for sale. breed 3 or more litters in a year and sell any of the puppies.

Is it illegal to breed dogs without a licence in UK?

Do I need a breeding licence? In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you’ll need a breeding licence if you run a business that breeds or advertises dogs for sale, or if you breed three or more litters in a year and sell any of the puppies.

Can you breed a dog without a licence?

If you intend to breed dogs for sale, you need a licence regardless of the type of property you are operating from, even if it is your home. You will need a licence if you want to breed dogs and are breeding: three or more litters of puppies per year (unless you can show that none of the puppies has been sold)

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Is it legal to breed dogs in UK?

In the United Kingdom breeders need to have a license if they breed 3 or more litters in a year (or 5 if they are in Scotland). The laws apply to where the breeder is based.

Can I sell puppies without a license UK?

You cannot sell puppies or kittens if you have not bred them yourself. You do not need a licence to sell a small number of offspring of pets that you’ve bred, for example as a hobby. However, if you do this often or with many animals you may be classed as a business and may need a licence.

How much is a breeding license UK?

Read page 2 for more information about when a licence is needed. It costs £391.25 plus vet fees for a new licence, which lasts for a full calendar year. An application to renew your licence costs £183.75 and £83.00 per year (licences can be issued for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on outcome of inspection).

Can you breed dogs in a council house?

You must never:

breed or board dogs in your home or on any council-owned land; keep dogs on balconies or in any communal spaces; chain or tether dogs on any council-owned land; leave your dog alone or unattended overnight or for long periods of time.

Is it illegal to breed dogs?

Breeders have the right to sell you a puppy with breeding restrictions. Any responsible breeder will not allow a buyer to breed with a dog, unless prior arrangements have been made. In this way the breed is being safeguarded, as well as litters of unwanted puppies.

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Is it illegal to sell puppies in the UK?

On 6 April 2020, the Government introduced new legislation to improve the welfare of pets by banning third-party sale of puppies and kittens in England known as Lucy’s Law. Lucy’s Law made it illegal for commercial dealers to sell puppies and kittens unless they had bred the animals themselves.

Do you need a licence to sell puppies?

The new scope requires that anyone breeding dogs and advertising a business of selling dogs obtain a licence. set out that a licence will be required if there is any commercial selling of puppies and kittens. … number of puppies with a high sale price would flag up the need for a licence.

Do dog breeders pay tax UK?

Do Dog Breeders Get Taxed? … When it comes to paying tax, generally everyone who is in business needs to register with HMRC, declare their income and pay tax depending on their profit. Unless they have a hobby business.

Is dog breeding profitable UK?

Responsible breeding is, sadly, not a profitable business. It sounds so good in theory, being able to charge good money for purebred puppies, multiplied by a large number of puppies in a litter.

Is it illegal to sell puppies on Facebook?

So you can NOT sell puppies from your personal page.

As of this writing, Facebook states on their reporting policy that animal sales are NOT allowed between individuals but ARE allowed by “businesses that sell other animals from a storefront or website.” Shelters are also allowed to place animals.

Is it illegal to buy a puppy without microchip?

All dog breeders are responsible for ensuring puppies are microchipped before selling them. Puppies cannot be sold until they are eight-weeks-old and must be microchipped at the point of sale. If you’re buying a puppy make sure it’s microchipped before taking them home.

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How do I start a dog breeding business UK?

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

  1. Write a business plan. …
  2. Insurance is king. …
  3. Choose a breed of dog to specialize in. …
  4. Write a detailed budget. …
  5. Get the right equipment. …
  6. Keep it legal. …
  7. Market yourself on social media and get your website up and running. …
  8. Open a separate bank account.