How big is Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Clifford’s size was ambiguous in the books; in an interview with Collider, Clifford director Jordan Kerner says that the dog ranged “from eight feet tall to 35 feet, depending upon the book you were reading.” In the film, though, he’s firmly 10 feet tall—a height chosen, apparently, because it made him big, but not too …

How heavy was Clifford the Big Red Dog?

Clifford is around 25 feet tall, so based on the average weight and height of a regular lab, Redditor gregnuttle estimated that he would weigh around 87 tons. If Clifford was to poop in proportion to a human, by weight, that would be around 1320 pounds of dog doo a day.

How big is Clifford’s poop?

“For Clifford,” Hind continues, “the pile of poop has to be multiplied by 5.455 in terms of its height, width and length. That’s roughly equivalent to a cube that’s 11.52 inches on each side.

How big is Clifford the Big Red Dog in the books?

His size is inconsistent: While he is often shown being about 25 feet (7.5 m) tall from paws to head, Clifford can appear far larger. The character’s name is based on the imaginary childhood friend of creator Norman Bridwell’s wife, Norma Bridwell.

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How big is Clifford the Big Red Dog Dad?

His size is inconsistent—he is often shown as being about 25′ tall from paws to head, but can appear far larger. Emily Elizabeth gave him a huge amount of love, which caused his big size.

How do they clean up Clifford’s poop?

The most feasible option, it seems, would be to train Clifford to poop in a dumpster. Thus, the only real answer here is to train Clifford to poop in a dumpster outside your house, and get yourself a private garbage service to come empty it every day.

How much does Clifford eat?

This means that you’d be spending an absolutely insane amount of money on food per year. Clifford could eat two cows a day and still be peckish. He’d also likely need to live next to a river or lake in order to keep him hydrated. Simply turning on the faucet wouldn’t do much to quench his thirst.

What kind of dog was Clifford?


Ever wonder exactly what type of dog Clifford is? Well, he’s said to have the characteristics of a giant Vizsla now, but the very first prototype—back when he was just the size of a pony instead of a house—was of a rather large bloodhound.

When was Clifford released?

In summary, Clifford is a Bloodhound with a surprisingly fun and inspiring story behind his creation. Although, many people might claim otherwise the original inspiration for Clifford was a large Bloodhound that he painted next to a child!

Why did they change Clifford the Big Red Dog?

“And we wanted to bring her more into the adventures. It used to be that Clifford and his dog friends would have their own story and she would dip in and out.” The look of Clifford hasn’t changed much. His fur is more textured to make him fluffier and he has a bigger, rounder face.

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Is Clifford a real dog?

Since dogs Clifford’s size don’t exist, the production team used a bulky, red exoskeleton controlled by two puppeteers.

How tall is Big Red?

Standing at 40 metres in height, and situated just 35 kilometre from Birdsville; the famous Big Red Sand Dune provides a challenge for any four wheel drive enthusiast. The first of 1,140 parallel dunes in the Simpson Desert, the spectacular sunsets from the top of Big Red are an experience not to be missed.

Where is Emily Elizabeth from Clifford?

The name of Birdwell Island—where Emily Elizabeth, Clifford, and the rest of her family live in The Story of Clifford—is inspired by Norman’s last name. The “island” part of Birdwell Island is inspired by Martha’s Vineyard, where Norman lived with his wife for nearly 50 years.

Is the movie Clifford sad?

Warning: spoilers ahead! No, he doesn’t die! This isn’t 1989’s All Dogs Go to Heaven! The film’s third act, needless to say, does involve much distress.